Not sure what kind of wine to buy for your next get-together? Try a few of these delicious and affordable budget wines at your next party. Not only will your guests love them–you’ll save a bundle. (Perhaps enough to host another party?)

Good budget wine types include:

  • Budget Wine #1: Beaujolais Villages. A fruity and delicious red budget wine from France, Beaujolais Villages is widely available in the United States with a price tag ranging between $8 and $10 a bottle. It’s great with roasted or grilled meats and burgers, and also works well with heavier dishes like stews and casseroles during the colder months.
  • Budget Wine #2: Mateus Rosé. Although some people may think that drinking rosé from a funny-looking green jug isn’t cool, a real wine lover knows that you shouldn’t judge a wine by its bottle. This crisp, lightly carbonated wine from Portugal is faintly sweet and perfect for a hot summer day. Serve it very cold with cheeses, fruit or cured meats. At around $5 a bottle, you’ll be able to buy enough of this bargain wine to last the whole summer.
  • Budget Wine #3: Sangiovese. Produced in Italy since the time of the ancient Romans, sangiovese wine is named for the type of grapes it’s made from. Available in both red and white varieties, any wine lover will find sangiovese to be an excellent value at $4 to $10 a bottle. Sangiovese has a light, fruity flavor and makes a great companion for red meat, grilled poultry or anything cooked in olive oil.
  • Budget Wine #4: Spanish Cava. The ultimate sparkling budget wine, not only is Spanish Cava delicious on its own–it’s a great choice for serving with warm-weather foods like grilled fish and salads. Because Cava is produced using “methode champanoise,” the same process used to make Champagne, its texture and carbonation are light and natural, unlike some sparkling wines in the same price range that are made by injecting carbon dioxide into still wine. A good bottle of Spanish Cava can be purchased for around $10, and some for as low as $7 or $8.
  • Budget Wine #5: Vinho Verde. Also from Portugal, budget wines just don’t get much better than vinho verde. Called “green wine” in English because of its very faint green color, this wine is excellent with any type of seafood, cheeses or all by itself. Vinho verde has a crisp, mild flavor, low alcohol content and light, natural carbonation. At $4 to $6 each, you’ll want to pick up a couple of bottles.
 Posted on : May 16, 2014