Tempranillo Grapes

To Spanish winemakers, no more important fruit exists than the black grape known as Tempranillo. The main ingredient of the famous robust red wine Rioja, and an important part of other red wines, the black grapes generally are used in varietal, or blended, wines. The low acidity of the Tempranillo grape leads most winemakers to blend it with other wines to keep its body after aging. But not much is needed to correct what the otherwise-perfect grape lacks in PH. To make Rioja wines, for example, …

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Types Of Wine

… itself. Even within types of wine there is a great variety of flavor and texture, due to the climate of growing regions. A warm, wet year will produce grapes with a different flavor than a cooler, dryer growing season. This is why some labels and years are more valuable than others. Types of Red Wine Red wine comes from black grapes. The grapes are fermented whole, with the skin and pips intact. These wines can be light or sweet, refreshing or mellow. Here are some of the major types of red …

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