Celebrity Wineries

Celebrities who start their own vineyards and bottle signature wines are part of a growing trend in the world of wines. These celebrity wineries have been quite successful, sometimes because of the quality of the wines themselves and always because of the demand for products that bear the name of a well-loved star. Niebaum-Coppola Winery In 1975, film director, producer and screenwriter Francis Coppola was looking to buy a summer home where he might make a little wine. He came upon the Inglenook Winery in California, founded by Gustave Niebaum. Coppola was taken with the beauty of the estate and felt a connection to Niebaum because of their shared immigrant background, love of wine and success in their respective fields. Coppola decided to rebuild the estate and founded the Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery. Prices of wine from the Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery range from around $7 to $13. Wine selections include: Blancaneaux Cabernet Franc Cask Cabernet Merlot RC Reserve Syrah. For a $25 guest fee, you can visit the estate. Your fee includes a wine tasting, a legacy historical tour and a chance to see the historic Chateau, Estate Wine Library and Centennial Museum. Jerry Garcia Sonoma Winery Musician Jerry Garcia may be gone, but he is certainly not forgotten. He can be remembered not only for the music he made with the Grateful Dead but also for his fine wine. The Jerry Garcia Sonoma Winery was created to celebrate not only his music but also his artistic creations and his love of wine. All bottles of J. Garcia wines have labels that feature his unique and colorful artwork. Prices range from $12.95 to $16.95 per bottle. You can buy many types of J. Garcia wines, including: Cabernet Sauvignon Chardonnay Merlot Zinfandel. Greg Norman Wineries After traveling the world during his golfing career, Greg Norman decided to join forces with renowned winemakers from Beringer Blass and start the Greg Norman Estates Wineries in Australia and California. Prices range from $9 to $13 per bottle. Types of wine available include: red wines sparkling wines white wines. Ernie Els” Stellenbosch Winery Golfing and wine may well be perfect together. Another golfer, Ernie Els, along with longtime friend Jean Engelbrecht, established Engelbrecht Els Vineyards in 1999 and opened the cellar on Helderberg Mountain in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in 2004. Prices of wine from Engelbrecht Els Vineyards range from $28 per bottle to approximately $700 per case. Wines available include: Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec Merlot signature blends created by Ernie Els. Fleming Jenkins Vineyards and Winery Olympic ice skater Peggy Fleming knows her way around grapes as well as she knows her tricks on ice. Along with husband Greg Jenkins, she planted a small vineyard in California in 1999 and decided to start a winery. The winery offers a variety of wines, including: Cabernet Chardonnay Rose Syrah. Prices range from $20 to $50 per bottle. Because Peggy Fleming is a breast cancer survivor, a very special wine named Victories Rose was created at this winery […]

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Giving Wine As A Gift

If you are looking for a unique, refined gift to give for any occasion, why not try giving a bottle of wine! Whether you are choosing a gift for your boss, family friend or loved one, a bottle of fine wine can be the perfect gift for: anniversaries birthdays dinner parties graduations house warming parties promotions at work. How to Choose Wine to Give Although wine can make a great gift for a variety of occasions, some worry that they will choose a type of wine that the recipient may not like. For example, while getting a bottle of wine for a close friend will likely be an easy choice because you know his preferences, choosing a bottle for your boss or co-worker may be more difficult. If you find yourself in the latter situation, consider going with a more mainstream, popular wine, such as a Chardonnay or Merlot. Decent to good quality popular wines are likely to please most people. After you choose the type of wine you want to give someone, you”ll have to decide the quality and, therefore, price range of the wine. For example, do you want to give a high-end, expensive wine or a less expensive, decent quality wine? In general, who you are giving the wine to and the reason you are giving it will determine the quality of wine you want to give. Keep in mind, however, that if you are bringing wine for a party in which it will be consumed immediately, determine the quality of wine to bring based on the number of people at the event. For example, bring a slightly better quality of wine for smaller, more intimate dinner parties in which each guest will be able to savor and enjoy the higher quality. Alternately, for larger parties, bringing a decent wine is perfectly acceptable. Finding Quality Wines and Personalized Wine Gifts You can find a variety of affordable to high-end wines in many different locations, including: grocery stores liquor stores specialty beverage stores online retailers. While physical stores tend to be better options if you want to quickly buy a bottle of wine, online businesses are better options if you plan enough ahead or want to get a personalized wine accessory, as opposed to a bottle of wine. In fact, a number of Internet retailers can make you personalized wine gifts that include: bottle openers bottle stoppers gift baskets with wines, cheeses and chocolates wine glasses wine labels wine refrigerators and coolers wine racks. “Wine of the Month” Gifts Another service online wine businesses can provide is the ”wine of the month club. If you have a larger budget and want to give a gift that literally keeps on giving, the wine of the month gift may be the perfect option. Typically, this gift costs about $20 per month the recipient will receive wine. For example, if you gift your boss a three-month subscription to the wine of the month club, you will be paying about $60. Keep […]

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Serving Wine

Serving wine can be intimidating: A novice wine opener can easily break the cork, especially if he uses the wrong wine accessories. With a little practice and the right type of corkscrew, however, anyone can become an accomplished wine opener. Here are a few tips on how to open wine. Opening Wine with Wine Accessories If you”ve never tried opening a bottle of wine, you might want to take a trip to your local wine or kitchen store. There, you”ll find a number of wine accessories and corkscrew designs. Often, the stores will let you try out the wine bottle openers before you buy them. Ask for a demonstration, and then see which one works best for you. Opening Wine with a Waiter”s Corkscrew Though there are many expensive wine openers on the market, most experts agree that the best corkscrew for opening wine is the folding corkscrew called the “waiter”s pull.” If you”ve ever ordered a bottle of wine at a restaurant, you”ve probably seen this type of wine bottle opener. Follow these simple steps to open a bottle of wine using a folding corkscrew: Open the blade of the corkscrew and use it to cut the foil or plastic covering the wine cork. Most wine bottles have an indentation at the top of the bottle to guide the blade. Be careful: A corkscrew blade can inflict a nasty cut. Close the corkscrew blade and wipe the top of the cork with a moistened napkin. This will remove any dirt that may have accumulated on the cork. Open the corkscrew spiral. Hold the wine bottle by the neck with one hand and the corkscrew in the other. Twist the corkscrew into the cork until the spiral is almost through the cork. Beginner wine openers often make the mistake of not screwing the spiral in far enough, as they are afraid of punching through the cork. If the corkscrew spiral isn”t screwed in enough, however, the cork may get torn. Using slow, firm pressure, pull up on the cork until it is two-thirds out of the wine bottle. Next, slowly twist the cork as you pull upward. Opening Wine: Dealing with Broken Corks Beginner wine openers see a broken cork as a disaster. There”s even a long-standing myth that a broken cork will spoil the wine. Certainly, a broken cork makes the wine bottle opener”s job more difficult, but by carefully and patiently working with the corkscrew, openers can often remove a broken cork. There are also wine accessories specifically designed to remove broken corks from wine bottles. You can use such wine accessories if you like, but, quite frankly, the best solution to a broken cork is to drive it down into the bottle. This won”t affect the taste of the wine, and you can use a wine decanter to remove any pieces of cork. Storing Wine vs. Immediately Opening Storing wine and allowing it to age to perfection is a long-standing tradition in wine culture. Wine lovers can […]

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