British Wines

… for the finer vintages produced in the British Isles. (The term “British wine” usually refers to a fermented beverage made of imported grape juice.) English wines are generally categorized as either quality wines or table wines, with the latter being subject to less-stringent controls and quality. British Winemaking Regions Winemaking has traditionally been more of a challenge in England given the cold, damp climate of the United Kingdom. English vineyards and wineries are …

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Types Of Wine

… game. The taste is fruity with black pepper/roast meat overtones and gripping tannins. Zinfandel: Considered the world”s most versatile grape, Zinfandel is used to make wines from blushes to rich, heavy reds. Depending of the heaviness of a particular Zinfandel wine, it may be served with pasta in tomato sauce, pizza or meat. Zinfandel has a zesty berry and pepper flavor. Types of White Wine Since all grape juice starts out colorless, white wines can be made from white or black grapes. …

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