Sommelier Training Programs

… Guild The International Sommelier Guild is another well- respected sommelier school located in the United States, Canada and China. The sommelier accreditation runs as follows: Wine Fundamentals 1: This class covers the basics of wine, terminology, food pairings and service. Wine Fundamentals 2: Students learn about topics (such as appellation laws and viticulture) while building on topics learned in Wine Fundamentals 1. Students will also start blind testing. Sommelier Diploma Program: This is …

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What Is A Sommelier

… wineries or restaurants managing beverages at casinos or tourist attractions organizing and hosting wine tours owning a wine shop teaching about wines writing about wines. Wine Sommelier Education The International Sommelier Guild (ISG) offers an education in food and wine, as well as an accreditation program for sommeliers. The accreditation program lasts for six months and meets one day a week for eight hours. In addition, the ISG offers a Grand Sommelier Diploma, for which a student must …

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What To Ask A Sommelier

… restaurants, high-end establishments, vineyards and other food or drink-associated facilities. To be a certified sommelier or wine steward, one must pass courses at the International Sommelier Guild (ISG). The ISG holds classes in 20 states in the U.S., in six Canadian provinces and in two institutions in China. Sommelier consultants are trained to assist people in choosing the best wine to fit their meal, tastes and budget. These specialists study and understand the intricate variations in each …

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