Red Wine Recipes

Pairing red wine with meals helps draw out the flavors of the main dish. Cooking with red wine serves the same purpose. While red-wine recipes may seem intimidating to a beginner cook, they’re not too difficult and can help you create an outstanding main dish. Cooking with Red Wine When used on the stovetop (as opposed to in a marinade), the most common way of using red wine is in sauce recipes. A good red wine sauce can make a huge difference in the flavor or texture of food, depending on …

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Wine And Food

… An undrinkable vintage won”t magically transform into a delicious red wine sauce or white wine marinade. Instead, an inferior wine will add bitterness and/or a sour taste to the meal. Always use a good-quality wine for cooking. Good quality offers two advantages: The food will taste better, and you”ll have something to sip on while you cook! Using Wine in Your Kitchen Wine and food has enjoyed a long partnership, and cooking with wine marries the two in many ways. Why not try …

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