Wine Advice

… with oxygen and develop its bouquet). In contrast, white wine is best served immediately after opening. Pouring the Wine The glass you use is important when wine serving. A red wine glass has a wide bowl that allows you to fully experience the complexity of the wine. White wine glasses are narrower; augmenting the taste of the wine while limited the amount of oxidization that occurs at the wine”s surface. Wine Tasting Etiquette A wine tasting party sounds intimidating, but again, you …

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Wine Glasses

… Place the glasses in the order in which they will be used with the first glass all the way to the left and the final one the furthest to the right. Serving wine: When ready to serve wine, fill the wine glass only about 1/3 to 1/2 way full. This leaves room in the upper part of the bowl to collect the aroma so the drinker can smell the wine and note its flavors before drinking it. When pouring, handle White wine glasses by the stems to avoid warming the chilled liquid. Although you can handle red …

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Wine Accessories

… experience by allowing the wine to “open up” and tipping the contents into a certain place on your tongue when you sip. While countless options are available, start with the basics: A few red wine glasses (stemmed or stemless) A few White wine glasses (stemmed glasses are better than stemless for white wine; keeping hands off the glass ensures white wine stays cool). Once you’re ready to expand your collection of glasses, consider purchasing: Shatterproof glasses for outdoor …

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