Wine Storage Accessories

… home, just as you can with a wine rack. Closets, cabinets, basements and extra rooms all make suitable locations for wine coolers and refrigerators. wine accessories for Larger Spaces Wine collectors with more money and space can create a wine cellar in their homes. When choosing a location for your wine cellar, pick a room with few or no windows. In general, basements are ideal locations for wine cellars. Along with extensive racking to hold your copious bottles of wine, you will need other …

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Wine Accessories

Before you go out and spend a bundle on wine glasses and accessories, whether for yourself or for a gift, find out what you really need. Though the selection of wine accessories in kitchen stores and catalogs can be both impressive and tempting, enjoying wine really only requires a few basic tools and wine accessories. See below for a list of items that will help you enjoy any type of wine on any occasion. Corkscrews Of course, you need at least one good corkscrew to open all that great budget …

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