Wine Glasses

wine glasses, in their many shapes, not only add visual appeal, but they also serve an important function in enhancing the flavor of the wine. With so many varieties available, you can find wine glassware in nearly every style to accommodate any budget. While crystal wine glasses are at the higher end of the price spectrum for glassware, the material which the glass is made of is less important than the glass”s shape. In fact, some wine experts even state that the size of the bowl is …

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Affordable Wine Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a simple hostess gift or something special for a milestone birthday, giving wine gifts to your favorite oenophiles doesn’t have to be hard on your wallet. From wine glasses to wine baskets and accessories, here are five budget-friendly yet elegant wine gift ideas for all the wine lovers on your list. Wine accessories: While many of the wine gadgets on the market aren’t really that practical, there are some fun, useful products out there, many for …

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Wine Accessories

Before you go out and spend a bundle on wine glasses and accessories, whether for yourself or for a gift, find out what you really need. Though the selection of wine accessories in kitchen stores and catalogs can be both impressive and tempting, enjoying wine really only requires a few basic tools and wine accessories. See below for a list of items that will help you enjoy any type of wine on any occasion. Corkscrews Of course, you need at least one good corkscrew to open all that great budget …

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