Wine lovers get together with like-minded connoisseurs to sniff, sip and swish select wines in an attempt to describe their aromas and flavors in the most poetic of terms. You can picture these aficionados holding a sparkling wine glass up to the light, expressing delight at a particularly deep, rich color.

Some of us who appreciate wines also spend time sitting at the kitchen table with our wines decanted into water goblets, marveling at a robust Chianti or a lighter Valpolicella”s ability to hold its own between mouthfuls of a delicious cannelloni.

Whether you”re a sophisticate or a weekend warrior of the wine world, you owe it to yourself to sample one of the many wines of Montepulciano.

Montepulciano Vineyards

Italian wines conjure up images of ancient hillside towns with Medieval architecture and fountains surrounded by vineyards carpeting the countryside. That”s a pretty accurate description of Montepulciano, a town in Tuscany famous for several signature wines.

The name itself is a six-syllable tongue-twister with a distinctly Italian rhythm. But if that isn”t enough, Franseco Redi, a well-known poet of the 17th century, helped put the town on the map with his poem, Bacco in Toscana, which means, “Bacchus in Tuscany.”

 Posted on : May 16, 2014