You may not be familiar with the South African wine Pinotage but after you try this variant of Pinot Noir, you will be looking for more. It”s a great accompaniment to many meals and is budget friendly.

Interesting History Facts About Pinotage

Pinotage grapes are a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault grapes. Professor A.I. Peroldt was the first to come up with the combination of grapes to create this wine in 1922. People did not favor the new wine at the time, so it wasn”t until 30 years later that it started being cultivated in earnest. Interestingly, people took a liking to it the second time around.

A Glass of Pinotage Wine

When you pour yourself a glass of Pinotage, you will immediately notice the deep red color with a slight purple rim. When you take your first whiff of this delectable wine, you will smell the fruity combination so recognizable in Pinot Noir wines. Taking your first sip introduces you to all of the exquisite flavors of both the Cinsault and Pinot Noir grapes.

It is medium bodied with a velvety texture. The taste of fruits such as mixed berries, raspberries, strawberries and banana will delight your palate.

Pinotage and Foods

This is an excellent wine to pair with hearty meals or light snacks. Pinotage complements cheese wonderfully because it doesn”t overpower even the mildest of cheeses. The people of South Africa often drink Pinotage with meats such as deer, oxtail and duck. It is also a popular wine with meat stews and chili.

Pinotage Regions

Since 1952, other countries have decided to start planting Pinotage grapes. Zimbabwe and New Zealand have the largest wineries for this type of wine besides South Africa. California and Canada also have a good number of vineyards. Most people who like to purchase this wine look for the South African variety because it is the oldest planted area and is not expensive.

Varieties of Pinotage wines

If you”re trying Pinotage for the first time, you”ll have a number of great choices. These are the best of the South African varieties:

  • Pinotage Bob”s African Pinotage: This wine comes straight from South Africa and is not an expensive bottle of wine. You can find it in many markets across the United States. Bob”s African Wines believes in helping a good cause and donates ten percent of the sales of Pinotage Bob”s African Pinotage to charities fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa.
  • Viljoensdrift Pinotage: This wine comes from the Robertson Wine Valley in South Africa. When you take a sip of this variety of Pinotage you may taste raspberry, strawberry, cherry and banana. If you are looking for a wine that is only mildly acidic, this is a great one to choose.
  • Neederburg Pinotage: Your first whiff of Neederburg Pinotage will take you to a field of sun-drenched raspberries. Many people find that Neederburg has a woody taste, which adds uniqueness and character to this Pinotage wine.
  • Cape Quarter Shiraz Pinotage: A slightly different version of Pinotage wine that gives you hints of blackcurrent and mulberry, this variety is from the Western Cape of South Africa.
  • Bellingham Pinotage: If you enjoy wines with a bit of spice then Bellingham Pinotage is right for you. With this Pinotage wine, you get the wonderful fruity flavor along with accents of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove.

Choosing Pinotage Wine

When looking for an economical wine that is smoother and sweeter than the popular Pinot Noir, consider Pinotage wine. After your first sip, you will be asking for some more of this rich, velvety, and fruity wine.

 Posted on : May 16, 2014