For wine enthusiasts, wine openers are more than just a way to open wine bottles. Each one has a unique style and contributes to the wine experience.

Types of Wine Openers

The following is a list of the various types of wine openers. From corkscrews to rabbit wine openers to other wine-opening accessories, there is a wine opener out there for every wine connoisseur.

Lever-Style Corkscrews: Lever-style corkscrews are sometimes referred to as rabbit wine openers because the two levers on top of the gadget resemble the ears of rabbit.

Lever-style corkscrews are made to dig into the cork quickly. The user then squeezes the rabbit ear levers together. The levers are attached to strong gears that mesh together and provide plenty of force to remove the cork quickly. The cost of these wine openers can be pretty steep, ranging from $30 to over $100, but they make opening a bottle a breeze.

Pump-Style Wine Openers: The pump-style wine opener uses a pump to get a sharp tip deep into the wine cork. Then the user injects a little carbon dioxide to force the cork out.

The cost of these wine openers can be $30 or higher.

Twist-Style Corkscrews: Twist-style corkscrews, also called wing corkscrews, are corkscrews that feature levers (or wings) on their sides. The user twists the screw deep into the cork, which causes the levers to rise. Once they have reached their highest point, the user pushes down on the levers to remove the cork.

The cost of this type of wine opener can range from $10 to $50. While this corkscrew will get the job done, it can require some practice and patience.

Uncorking Machines: Uncorking machines provide a way of opening bottles using a stand. An apparatus on top of the stand has either a manual or electric-powered mechanism that screws into the cork and easily removes it.

These are not cheap wine openers; prices for some of these machines can range up to $100. Uncorking machines are generally very user-friendly and would benefit those who frequently drink wine or host many wine-tasting parties.

Waiter Corkscrews: Waiter corkscrews take their name due to their lightweight portability. They are similar to little Swiss army knives but have fewer functions. In fact, some of them only have the corkscrew. Others feature a small knife for cutting the foil on a bottle of wine.

These are among the cheaper wine openers and can cost as little as $10. These effective corkscrews are very easy to use.

Places to Purchase Bottle Openers

There are many places to purchase a decent corkscrew. They are often available at liquor stores and grocery stores, and there are many Web sites where you can purchase one online.

Bottle openers can also be purchased in a wine opener gift set, which may include other wine accessories like a foil cutter, a stopper and a thermometer.

 Posted on : May 16, 2014