If you’re like many a wine lover, price is usually a consideration when choosing new varieties to try. Luckily there are plenty of great-tasting budget wines on the market, many of them priced below $15.

Here are three tips for finding budget wines that you’re sure to love. Once you find a well-priced wine you like, consider buying a case for an even greater discount.

1. Don’t be afraid to experiment: One of most effective and fun ways to discover new budget wines is simply to try them. Get a few recommendations from wine lover friends or the people at your local wine shop. Read wine magazines, blogs and the food section of your local newspaper to find new budget wines. Or, if you find yourself in the wine store without any recommendations, read a few labels to find something with characteristics you like and buy it. Sometimes you may not like your choice, but after you’ve tried a few new bottles you’ll see that it’s a great way to discover really good budget wines.

2. Go to wine tastings: Visiting a wine tasting is a fantastic way for a wine lover to try a few different budget wines all at once–with little or no cost. Much of the time the people who choose the wines for tastings include an assortment of budget wine varieties. Often, too, if you decide to buy a few of the wines offered at a wine tasting, you’ll be able to get them at a discount.

Go to a wine tasting once or twice a month, preferably at different wine shops, and you’ll have a constant source for new budget wines.

3. Try new vintners: If you like a varietal grown in a particular region or from a particular vintage and always buy the same label, try buying the same variety from a different winery in the same region. Often smaller wineries offer lower prices as way to compete with more well-known makers. You may end up liking the “alternative” wine ever better than the well-known one. And if the new budget wine ends up becoming popular, you can always say that you tried it first!

 Posted on : May 16, 2014